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June 20th, 2005

oy. i want to post about what's goin' on. but i'm afraid it might be inappropriate. and i don't feel like making it a custom entry simply because i don't care who reads about this, and i don't know who would be okay about reading about this. and what's the point of making it private? the whole point of posting it is so i can tell ppl and feel better about the situation. *sigh* for all of you that are worried now, don't be. its nothing serious. well... it has my mom freaking, but i'm fine. its just something wrong with my body. i might have to go to the doctor's tomarrow. i have sore, red spots on me. should i say where?? umm... my breasts. they started hurting last nite and today i noticed that they were really red. my mom is so paranoid, and sometimes i think she's a hypochondriac so she's saying things like "it might be breast cancer!" and all that... like i said, i'm not worried. but i want to know why it happened! grrrr... *sigh* so yeah. that's all i had to say. it was buggin' me and i knew i'd feel better after updating. and i do. even tho i really haven't updated yet. cuz i didn't hit the 'update journal' button. but yeah, close enough :)