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Jun. 19th, 2005

since i can't make the icon w/o an animation program...

you like? :)


so yeah... i stayed the nite at Sabrina's last nite. i'm not sure if that was a good thing or bad thing. Thursday when Mike called i told him i was going over to her house and i wasn't very excited... he could tell. he told me that if i didn't really wanna be friends with her ((which i really don't)) then to end it now. yeah, i know thats the right thing to do, but its hard! so i figure "oh, whats a few hours" well for a change i had fun with her. we went shoe shopping and tried on a whole bunch of shoes. it was interesting :) so when she asked if i wanted to stay the night i was like 'why not' plus i didn't feel like coming up with an excuse on the spot. i was outta material. so yeah, after i picked up my stuff and went back to her house i was bored out of my mind. we just sat there not even talking to each other. all she kept saying was "what do you want to do?" like usual. it was so annoying. well, we finally decided to go to Silver Cinemas to see a movie. i was like "HITCH is good!" so we saw that. she loved it, i loved it again. things were looking up. but then we sat around her house again... i was glad when i finally convinced her it was time for sleep. and i slept til 12:30, we talked for a lil, she left the room and i fell back asleep til 1:30. then i got dressed, we went to taco bell and then she dropped me off here cuz i told her i was going to the cookout, and Mike was gunna be here at like 4 to pick me up and i had to shower and get ready and all that... so i almost feel like staying the nite at her house gave her the impression we're still best buds and we still have fun and i'm pulling her closer even tho thats not really what i want to do. but also, the fact that there were so many awkward/silent moments, you would think she would figure out we don't have anything in common anymore. i paid attention to the things i talked about... i had no idea i had that much to say about Mike & Alaina. seriously everything was "Mike and I this..." and "the other day Alaina was saying that..." OY! well, i'm off to the shower. a loooong shower :) i love those!

**ps - like the layout? its prolly only temporary, but its a nice change :)


new layout may be coming soon...

Jun. 11th, 2005

Mike just left... it was a crazy day today!*sigh* i'm so tired. hmmm... but yeah, even tho i was @ Laina's grad party for a lil over 2 hours i felt like i wasn't there long enough... her friend that's going to Conerstone showed up. just made me wanna laugh :) cuz he's her clone (the male version) yeah, so i didn't see My Nhia and i had an invite to my grad party and my senior pic but i forgot to leave them w/ Laina in case My Nhia showed up. either she never came, or w/ my luck she came RIGHT after i left... oy. my head hurts really bad so i'm gunna go lay down. prolly gunna go to sleep.


just finished finding some baby pix for my grad party... now i gotta scan them, touch up a few, and print them on photo paper so i can cut & paste them :) heehee. so yeah... sabrina's info is confusing the heck outta me. it says...

online time: 8 hours, 43 minutes
away, idle time: 16 hours, 20 minutes

how can she be online for only 8 hours but idle for 16?! yeah... so i had an idea for a new username like a second ago. i loved it. but do i remember it now... no. >:| grrrr! well... i'll keep thinking. and i promise not to try too hard. i don't want to miss Laina's grad party on account i'm in the hospital for using my noodle. haha! noodle! :D its so funny how i've been updating so much more lately and yet, each time i have absolutly nothing to say. yet when i actually have something to post about, something important, something major, do i? no. didn't update about either of the proms. or the last week of school. or my unveiling really. or graduation... whatever. its all in my head. i can remember it all. ya know, the kinda things you forget the details to, so its not so interesting to tell somebody... but you always remember the good stuff for yourself. like the indescribeable stuff. yeah, i got all that still :) ((did you understand that babble?)) so... xoxgraphics... as for a freebie, i have nothing yet. but i'm getting closer. i really believe that i am! :D well, i'm gunna go. i've said enought about pretty much nothing already, and i know you'd like it if i stopped. so i will. ta ta!


Jun. 10th, 2005

okay, Sabrina had this quote in her AIM info "happiness is like a butterfly, the more you chase it, the more it will elude you. but if you turn your attention to other things it will come and sit softly on your shoulders." and now i ask, why can't she take this advice?? okay, here's my idea. since i'm having trouble w/ ideas for LJ graphics and i've been looking so much at AIM icons, why not make that for freebies @ xoxgraphics?? after all, most ppl have AIM and they could use them for LJ too! so yeah... gotta come up with some examples now. its tough tho not having an animation program. less awesome graphics to offer. plus i'm not as great as i felt i was a month ago. i need to find more PSP8 tutorials!! *sigh* well yeah, gunna go try getting used to tiny 50x50 squares...
oy i'm so bored. just got off the phone w/ Mike a lil while ago. :) made me happy to finally hear his voice again. we've been talking on AIM all week. i saw him Tuesday but that was too long ago... anyway, been trying to think of something new for xoxgraphics and i've come up with a few things... none of which i feel comfortable enough to post as a freebie. *sigh* i don't want to do the same thing as everyone else ((which would be LJ info headers/username signs, blends, & information banners)) so yeah... hopefully i will discover something new soon! just gotta play around w/ settings a lil more :)

samples of my workCollapse )

yeah, the first 3 are the tough ones... ya need just the right photos. and the last 3 need to be smaller, but they're pretty easy. i'm gunna go now i guess. nothing else to talk about. *muah*