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update about the last post... its gone. dunno what it was, but it cleared up. so yeah, i've been making quote icons. :) found two great quote communities here @ LJ. i'm sure there's more good ones than 2, but i only started looking... finding some awesome quotes for icons. some great quotes that are too big tho, so i might make banners. one quote that i found is: "the truth is... everyones gonna hurt you
you. just have to decide who's worth the pain..."
and even tho its kinda sad, its true. makes me mad when i see quotes like "No guy is worth your tears & when you find one that is, he won't make you cry" and thats just not true. all people have the ability to make you mad or sad, even hurt. its life and its going to happen. ....quite a few nice friendship quotes and 'about girls' quotes. which are a nice change to all the love//unloved quotes. okay. so, i'm back to work! just wanted to take a break and let ya'll know the stats of my rash or whatever it was. i'll post my icons @ icon_artists when i'm done w/ enough to make a nice post :) so look there sometime soon