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going_x_crazy is finished, so i'll be using that journal now
please go there and ask to be added if you still want to be my friend♥
working on my new journal... going_x_crazy

Jun. 24th, 2005

well, its strange having animation shop again... often i see something or make something i think to myself "if only i could animate that." but of course, now that i can animate it, i don't remember the things i had wanted to animate :) oh well. i'm going to post some of my makings/expariments kk?

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people do this all the time and now its my turn... i want to get as many comments as i can in this post :)

my goal: 100 comments

doesn't sound too hard right? well get commenting! Spam this post!! i'll comment a lil bit, but not too much. i want it to be mostly you guys, okay? tell me a story, advertise a community, post funny pix, just leave pointless comments, do ANYTHING! :D just help me get my 100 comments please

i'll love you forever if you do this for me♥

**half way to 100! great job


omg omg omg! i love jaded_soul_88 because from her i downloaded PSP9 & ANIMATION SHOP! my favorite program on the planet!! so now i can make animations and BLINKIES! because that other program i had was hard for blinkies... but yeah :) she has Photoshop CS2 for download. i think it would be good for my graphic making to have yet another software but... it would take up SO much memory. i already have 2 PSPs and AS... but for my grad present my parents are getting the other comp. fixed and putting it in my room so i can burn these programs onto a DVD or put them in a zip file & burn the zip because sometimes you can't burn programs, and then i'll delete them from here. but how long til i get the other comp?? i just hope she doesn't delete her post before i decide :) omg... FULL VERSIONS! this is such a good day


i decided to look thru ppl's user pages to see when their birthday's were... i looked at the ppl on my friend's list, makers at xoxgraphics, and fellow members @ xoxgraphics that are also members at communities that i'm a member at. so in other words, people who i think i know pretty well as far as the kind of person they are. and wow, was i shocked by some of their ages.
13-15 = 9 .. 16-18 = 4 .. 19-20 = 2 .. 20 + = 2
that many people are younger than me! and they don't even seem that young. i feel like they're the same age as me. its so weird... haha, you all are prolly just like "okay so...?" :) its okay. it just surprised me, thats all.

Jun. 21st, 2005

YESSS! i still have it! my creativity i mean :) gosh, for the longest time i was like "why can't i come up with something original for a freebie? something all my idea??" and well yeah, this has prolly been done before, but its not over done like LJ info titles & blends... :D i'm just so excited!! wanna know what it is now?? wanted poster icons!
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isn't that awesome?! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [yeah, i'm REAL excited].... well anyway, i'm off to make more of those quote icons [which were about to be my next freebie] ¡chao!

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update about the last post... its gone. dunno what it was, but it cleared up. so yeah, i've been making quote icons. :) found two great quote communities here @ LJ. i'm sure there's more good ones than 2, but i only started looking... finding some awesome quotes for icons. some great quotes that are too big tho, so i might make banners. one quote that i found is: "the truth is... everyones gonna hurt you
you. just have to decide who's worth the pain..."
and even tho its kinda sad, its true. makes me mad when i see quotes like "No guy is worth your tears & when you find one that is, he won't make you cry" and thats just not true. all people have the ability to make you mad or sad, even hurt. its life and its going to happen. ....quite a few nice friendship quotes and 'about girls' quotes. which are a nice change to all the love//unloved quotes. okay. so, i'm back to work! just wanted to take a break and let ya'll know the stats of my rash or whatever it was. i'll post my icons @ icon_artists when i'm done w/ enough to make a nice post :) so look there sometime soon
oy. i want to post about what's goin' on. but i'm afraid it might be inappropriate. and i don't feel like making it a custom entry simply because i don't care who reads about this, and i don't know who would be okay about reading about this. and what's the point of making it private? the whole point of posting it is so i can tell ppl and feel better about the situation. *sigh* for all of you that are worried now, don't be. its nothing serious. well... it has my mom freaking, but i'm fine. its just something wrong with my body. i might have to go to the doctor's tomarrow. i have sore, red spots on me. should i say where?? umm... my breasts. they started hurting last nite and today i noticed that they were really red. my mom is so paranoid, and sometimes i think she's a hypochondriac so she's saying things like "it might be breast cancer!" and all that... like i said, i'm not worried. but i want to know why it happened! grrrr... *sigh* so yeah. that's all i had to say. it was buggin' me and i knew i'd feel better after updating. and i do. even tho i really haven't updated yet. cuz i didn't hit the 'update journal' button. but yeah, close enough :)